World Industries Alliance (WIA) is an international business management firm operating since 2006 with parent company operations in Washington DC and Toronto Canada.

WIA’s multifaceted charter is founded from its seasoned experience participating in the evolving converging telecommunication industry while focusing to convert legacy business systems to advanced and scalable systems. Developing new revenues streams and Integrating scalable solutions for SME’s and large corporations in different business sectors and industries.

We offer Glocalization strategies and “digital bytes to global commerce” business management services for both concept to operations and existing businesses. We operate in the direction of supply and demand and strengthen systems through innovative and business turnaround strategies. WIA focuses on the breaking of the glass ceiling syndrome thinking in existing businesses and we apply cross industry systems to affect legacy systems within business to advance forward with a path to scale, adapt and ever optimize services.

WIA inspires expansions while understanding the local business Human factors in an Unlimited World. We manage across ethnic and cultural boundaries to provide a greater impact in business perspectives to improve, collaborate and evolve new business solutions. People and teams have creative genius skills; we work to trigger new solutions inspired by business visions. Empower through resource mobilization and availing opportunities to realize ingenuity and new businesses. WIA’s team of strategic alliances, advisers, consultants, specialized resources and affiliates harmonize and structure short, medium and long term business strategies with advanced business solutions and technologies for both local and global commerce.